Sunday, October 30, 2011

Child Proof Your Outlets

If you're having children or currently have young children in your home, taking measures to child proof your electrical outlets can keep your children safe and save you money on your energy bill. Simply putting a child proof plug into the outlets could save you 5% on your energy bill each year, and that certainly adds up!

Running air leakage tests on your exterior walls could show you that electrical outlets can be one of the biggest leaky culprits! When you're working on child proofing, work on plugging air leaks too with these five simple steps!

1. Turn off the power to the outlets you'll be working on.
2. Remove the outlet covers.
3. Place a foam gasket over your outlet. These can be purchased at any hardware store. These can prevent heat from leaking out in the winter and cold from leaking out during the summer!
4. Replace the outlet covers and screw them securely back into place.
5. Insert your child proof plug.

Voila! You've got yourself child proof electrical outlets and a new way to save money on your electric bill!

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Testimonials!

I want to thank you for the exceptional service you provided to my most recent client. She was so very pleased with the quality of service and how wonderful to be able to call someone she could trust. BSD truly provides quality without question.

-K.C. Custom Painting- Jacksonville, FL

Dear Jonathan,I always go to the Chamber members first for services I need. I want to thank you and your wife so much for helping Betty and Ken on a weekend with their electrical problem. They were thrilled with you.

-Annie Sturman- Hollywood, FL

My experience with BSD Electric was excellent. There was a short timeline for getting the job done and Jonathan delivered. I appreciated the extremely responsive, prompt, honest and courteous service. His guidance, professionalism and positive attitude made it easy. How refreshing! I will definitely call BSD for all my future electrical needs.

-Heather Mickley, Bay Harbor Islands, FL
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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans serve many purposes from keeping us cool to saving money on the electric bill to adding a special touch to any room!

Once you're ready to purchase a fan and have BSD Electric install it for you, the hardest part is choosing the right look for your room!

Take a look at some of these examples below!

This fan would be perfect for a kids room!

Add classic elegance to a dining or living room!

Keep your family room casual with this fan!

Capture an island feel!

Modernize your bedroom with this unique fan!
And remember, when you're ready to install, call us at BSD Electric!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Art Lighting

Art lighting is an art in itself! The type of lighting you choose to display your artwork can make or break the story you are trying to tell. But don't worry, BSD Electric is here to help!

Take some time to familiarize yourself with art lighting and why it is important!

What is art lighting?
Art lighting refers to the type of light and the direction of light used to spot light your art, whether that be a freestanding sculpture or a painting on the wall. 

What type of light should I use? 
Most artists are trained in art schools that are flooded with natural light, and so they become accustomed to that type of light for their displays. However, the answer isn't that simple. Natural light is hard to control and in many cases can damage a piece due to UV rays. Perhaps consider artificial light. 

How do incandescent lights affect art?
Incandescent lights have their pros and cons. This type of lighting brings out warm colors such as reds, browns, oranges and yellows. However, if you're working with ceoler colors such as blues and greens, this type of light would flatten out your colors, doing the opposite of what you'd like to achieve with your lighting. 

What about fluorescent lights?
Fluorescent light also has its share of pros and cons. Museums and galleries typically don't use this type of lighting because of the high amount of UV rays that are given off by this type of light. Fluorescent lighting does not emit light across the entire color spectrum and is therefore not suitable for most pieces.

Will halogen lights work? 
Yes. Halogen lighting is among the best solution for displaying art, if installed properly. Low watt halogen bulbs provide very good lighting and emit enough light over the color spectrum to compliment most pieces.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cabinet Lighting

 Cabinet lighting can add appeal and functionality to your kitchen by creating a soft but attractive lighting scheme and allowing to find items in otherwise dark cabinets. Cabinet lighting can also turn your cabinets into a display piece, provided your cabinet doors are class to display your attractive dishes or other items such as vases.

Cabinet lighting can also be installed in a variety of colors to give the room a different feel. When choosing your bulbs, be sure to consider the brightness or color of the bulb and ensure it fits the look and feel you are trying to achieve in your space. 

Below are a few examples: 

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is a great alternative to chandelier lighting. You can typically choose from smaller, less invasive styles but can still add the perfect amount of light to any room without it becoming overwhelming.

Not only are pendant lights useful for lighting, they are available in many attractive styles and can really pull a room together based on the style and color that you choose.

These are just a few examples of pendant lights:

BSD Electric is happy to provide Pendant Lighting installation for your home or office! Call us today to get started!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Recessed Lighting - Things to Consider

Recessed lighting can add appeal to any room. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing you recessed lighting setup!

  • Be careful about relying on recessed lighting alone. With no other form of lighting in a room, recessed lighting can make the room appear bland. 
  • If you're planning to use recessed downlights in the bathroom, try adding light facing in from the sides of the mirror. This can help to avoid dramatic and unflattering light while you're in the bathroom. 
  • Be careful not to place the lights too far from the walls. Doing so doesn't allow the beam of light to hit the wall and can create a cave-like, dark feeling.
  • Mark the lighting fixtures on your ceiling before making and cuts or installations. This can give you a better idea of what to expect when the lights are installed.
  • Lamps are important too. Although recessed lighting is desirable and elegant, you should still employ the use of a regular lamp for activities such as reading.
  • Do not place your lights just above the blades of a fan. When the fan is turned on, this can cause a strobe effect.
For more information or to get started on your recessed lighting project, contact us at BSD Electric!

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